Cars – I’m tired of 19th Century Technology

I love cars, period. Public transport? No thanks, I shirk at the thought of having to waste double or triple my time on a bus. I’m left aghast at the prospect of having to share my personal space with a person smelling of coconut sun cream, or worse still having to enjoy the aroma of all the natural body odours that summer brings! Nope, for me the car is king, long live the king! But the king is flawed, it’s still stuck in the 19th century. How you may ask? Modern cars are at the cutting edge of technology, they’re computerised, you can hook up your mobile to it and do all the wonderful things technology permits you may say. You would be right in saying that. To a certain extent………

The problem is what lurks under the bonnet, that fossil fuel burning lump that is the heart of the car. The basic premise of that piece of engineering is still based on 19th century technology. That bothers me! I want a car that doesn’t need to depend on an explosion to run, I want the equivalent of the iPhone on wheels. Why can’t I have one? Why are manufacturers still stuck regurgitating the same low-tech solution to my transport needs? Because it’s the easy way out? Because the Oil companies prefer it that way? I don’t know, but we need to move into the 21st century for goodness sake!

Hybrids aren’t a solution, at best they’re a stop-gap. They still depend on that oil burning lump. Check what range a hybrid has on battery alone and you’ll see what I mean. Fuel cell technology is promising but still seems to be off wondering, lost in the woods. No, I yearn for a purely electric car. That is the future. Unfortunately the electric car has had a chequered history. There are some really horrid, poor quality, golf carts running around out there, purporting to be a replacement for my gleaming, sleek, oil burner. There have been some valiant attempts though, Fisker was one, Better Place another. Unfortunately they’ve failed miserably and have gone bust. I wont go into the merits of how or why other than to say that I don’t think technology or its implementation was the problem. 

There is one jewel in the crown though – Tesla. Where others have failed, they have succeeded. Not without hiccups along the road mind you, but they’re doing OK. The vehicles they produce are beautiful works of art. Best of all they have come very close to solving the biggest problem of the electric car – range. The typical electric car would be lucky to manage a range of 100 miles on one charge. Tesla however, seem to have cracked that problem. The other issue is charge time – you can fill you’re gas guzzler in a couple of minutes, but your average electric car would need to be charged over night. Once again Tesla to the rescue, they’ve introduced their super chargers which should give you a full charge in about an hour. Better still they’ve just introduced new battery swapping technology. This will allow you to “refuel” your electric car in less time that it takes to fill a petrol tank – a claimed 90 seconds in fact! What are the advantages though? Power instantly available, lower maintenance costs and zero emissions to name but a few. 

I know, this article sounds so much like a Tesla advert, but honestly, I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I feel they are company that deserves a pat on the back and a “well done”. They are on the right track and have mightily impressed me with their forward thinking and advanced technology. Other manufacturers need to take notice. I want a 21st century car, not a 19th century one hiding in fancy clothes! Keep fighting Tesla, you’re doing well, others take note, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s not taking any prisoners!

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