Obituary to an old friend

I write this belated farewell with a tear in my eye – during my travels on the internet, I recently discovered that an old friend had passed from this world, never to be seen again. As you can imagine it was a sad discovery. I had passed many hours with this friend and learnt and grew wiser during this time. I speak not of a person though, but rather of the magazine PC Plus. PC Plus held my hand during my first tentative steps into the world of IT way back in the early nineties. Thanks to it I discovered the world of DOS and Windows. I marvelled at the inner workings of autoexec.bat and config.sys. It encouraged me to strive on and convinced me to never give up on a problem, to rather work the problem, solve it, and revel in being a self proclaimed PC geek! There was a time when the next issue was an event to look forward to. What was on the Super Disk this month? What inner workings of my PC will it let me tinker with? Ironically the death knell was sounded by the internet – as it has done with many other traditional media, it slowly drew the life from my friend, taking him slowly down the path to irrelevance, obscurity and obsolescence. He drew his last breath at the end of 2012 going with honour intact, without complaint.

Alas, poor PC Plus, I knew him well. Adieu good friend, rest in peace knowing that you have helped a generation understand the magic in the box. You shall be missed!

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  1. Brian says:

    This is what is meant by growing older and maturing…others stop or reach the end of their road whilst you go on strongly embracing the lessons that they taught you !!!!

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