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Microsoft’s Future in the Consumer Space – An Opinion

Microsoft is a company which needs no introduction. It is probably fair to say that they have been responsible for shaping the way we use PCs for the past 20 odd years. There was a time when Microsoft could dictate … Continue reading

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Space – Why Bother?

Since I was little more than knee high to a grass hopper I’ve been fascinated both with science fiction as well as science fact. In part, I can thank my dad for that. He loves Sci Fi and he made … Continue reading

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DOOM – A Technological and Artistic Masterpiece!

In the early 90’s I was lucky enough to get my first PC.  It was middle of the road for the times – a 486sx 25Mhz, with a whopping 4MB of RAM and a gigantic 100MB hard disk. I was … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Of Angela

Hello fellow readers, Today I will be talking about a wonderful woman who, in a recent car accident, was tragically ripped from our lives. I speak of my dear cousin, Angela. It is always a sad occasion when one looses … Continue reading

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3D, Gimmicks Never Last!

3D, we’ve all heard of it and many of us have experienced it in all its “glory”. But was it ever more than a fad? Did it really have a chance of being the “next big thing”? In a word, … Continue reading

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