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Social Media or Social Decay?

Social media has become one of, if not the biggest growing segment on the internet today. We’ve all heard of Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and the like and undoubtedly you have an account on at least one of these services. … Continue reading

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When a Game Is More Than a Game

My regular readers will know that I’m an avid game player. I’ve spent many an hour in front of the PC or Xbox in my time and I’ve lost count of all the games I’ve played. There have been a … Continue reading

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We are our imagination!

Since I got my first computer I’ve always loved games. For a number of years I had stopped playing though. I hadn’t lost interest, or found a more entertaining pursuit. Rather, I had fallen victim to something which we all … Continue reading

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A Phablet Says What!?

I recall, many years ago, a friend once telling me that there’s only one thing a man would be proud to admit as being small – his mobile phone. Back then the advance of technology meant that mobiles were getting … Continue reading

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Curiosity – A Year on Mars, A Victory for Science and Exploration

A year ago Mars was about to be invaded! A laser equipped, nuclear powered tank was about to land on the Red Planet. It’s mission was to conquer the planet and discover all it could about our fiery neighbour. The … Continue reading

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