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Is Religion a Mass Delusion?

Religion. It causes passion, enthusiasm and fanaticism. We’re all exposed to it; some of us are immersed in it. But does it really have a place in the modern world? Does it really have any relevance or is it just … Continue reading

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My God, It’s Full of Stars!

Where are we going? What direction are we taking? I look around me. I see people fighting irrelevant battles. Wining pointless victories. Rejoicing in empty accomplishments. I look around me, look at these people, and realise that this really is … Continue reading

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The Tribe Must Prevail!

We live in a marvelous age were technology is developing at an ever faster rate. I am intrigued that despite all our advancements our basic nature appears to remain and it often latches on to these advancements in the most … Continue reading

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